bar soaps

Guardex Awakening Turmeric Bar Soap

Clean, revitalize and protect with the ancient health-boosting properties inside our Awakening Turmeric bar soap. Turmeric has been prized for centuries for its medicinal qualities, including a wealth of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that keep you feeling fresh and healthy.

Guardex Enchanting Arabian Bakhoor Bar Soap

Commonly found in aromatherapy and used for centuries to perfume homes and clothes, Bakhoor refers to wood chips that are soaked in fragrant Oud oils. Now, with our Arabian Bakhoor bar soap, you can bring that enchanting scent to your skincare collection.

Guardex Refreshing Lemon Bar Soap

Refreshing Lemon is the perfect pick to help you feel fresh and protect you from germs. The soap bar is packed with germ-fighting ingredients, as well as featuring anti-inflammatory properties and innovative oxyfused zinc technology to protect your skin and make it shine in every situation.

Guardex Moisturizing Aloe Vera Bar Soap

Skincare staple aloe vera stars in this revitalizing, health-boosting soap bar. Celebrated as a way to fight signs of ageing, improve complexion and help with skin hydration, aloe vera is one of the best ways to put a smile on your face, uplift your scent and keep your body refreshed.