Premium Gold

Like all the soaps in the Royal Lather range, Premium Gold is designed to create a soap experience full of lather and luxury.

Onyx Black

Start your day with a touch of luxury thanks to the zesty notes and high-lathering qualities of Onyx Black. This formulation gives you the ultimate clean, fresh feeling after every use.

emerald Green

Packed full of top-quality essential oils, Emerald Green is an elegant experience that leaves your skin feeling fresh from morning to night.

Aqua Blue

Freshness is guaranteed with Aqua Blue. We’ve paired eucalyptus, cedar leaf and wild mint essential oils with high-lathering formulations to give you a truly fresh sensation after every use.

Tropical Jasmine

Love jasmine? You’ll love this. Tropical jasmine offers you the best of both worlds, with the fragrances of flowers matching light, bright notes every time you use this highly lathering soap.

Pearl White

The sweetness of patchouli meets the beauty of a creamy, lathery sensation in Pearl White, a favourite with people who like their soap to have a sweet-scented finish.