bar soaps


Savannah Classic

Savannah’s original creation, the Classic bar soap has been used, loved and trusted by generations. This is thanks to its long-lasting, enchanting scent, creamy lather and ability to clean and care for your delicate skin. Available in four sizes.


Exotic Glow

Experience the innocence of citrus and sweetness with Exotic Glow. Packed with wild berries, golden caramel, vanilla and bergamot, Exotic Glow is an adventurous choice for lovers of sweet aromas.

Diamond Glow

Experience the luxury of precious florals and delicate rose with Diamond Glow. Made with sweet-scented creamy aldehydes, this mesmerising blend leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, not to mention beautifully fragranced.

Majestic Glow

Bring elegance to your routine with Majestic Glow. Bursting with floral scents and a mix of fruits, including crisp apple and zesty orange, this pick contains imperial patchouli and warming musk to ensure a delicate feel on your skin.

Oriental Glow

Unleash your spicy side with Oriental Glow, a sumptuous mix of citrus fruits, sweet florals and gorgeous spices, including nutmeg.


Sparkling Fresh

Feel as fresh as the ocean breeze thanks to Sparkling Fresh. Created to cleanse, pamper and revive your skin, the hand wash contains bergamot with a beautiful lathery finish, while the hand soap revitalises thanks to sweet orange and mint oil.

Bright & Beautiful

Packed with a bouquet of flowers with luxurious amber, Bright & Beautiful leaves a soft, sweet impression on your skin all day long thanks to uplifting rose, orange flower and apple.

Dreamy Creamy

Get set for a busy day with Dreamy Creamy’s intense, silky-soft formula. Musk, flowers and warming woody notes combine to give you smooth, pure-looking skin all day long.

Mystic Garden

If you love woody notes you’ll adore Mystic Garden. It’s packed full of fresh floral scents and crisp green apple, a blend that offers a long-lasting sense of relaxation and energy.

Morning Glow

Morning Glow was created to uplift your mood and pamper your skin. With the hand wash, expect blossoming jasmine with delicate notes of white petals, while the hand soap offers clove leaf oil to awaken and energise.


Savannah Beauty Jars

Clean and care for the whole family with Savannah Beauty Jars, the perfect addition to any home, especially the bathroom. Made with special, long-lasting ingredients, these jars consist of four soap bars each and are available in four amazing variants: Summer Sensation, Spring Bloom, Autumn Breeze and Winter Bouquet.


Savannah Ecopacks

An amazing solution for families, Savannah Ecopacks include four special, long-lasting fragrances – Summer Sensation, Spring Bloom, Autumn Breeze and Winter Bouquet – that are a lovely addition to any home, especially the bathroom.